Summer Body
Bounce Back

Come out to train with the best trainers  in Atlanta

Summer Body Bounce Back Bootcamp is a 12 week series of group training created by Fitness Professionals assisting to push your efforts into building your anticipated summer body.

Meet the trainers



Has made an empire training women and female entrepreneurs in Atlanta. A fierce force to be reckoned with in women’s fitness. Coco-Chanel is the fitness editor of For Nurses by Nurses magazine and has plenty years of experience as a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. Her area of expertise is in weight loss, muscular endurance, and making every women she comes in contact with, feel powerfully fabulous.
B.S in Health & Exercise Science

Grant Park

Mo- Fit

An entrepreneur and trainer hailing from Oakland, CA with the experience of training high school track athletes, professional, and semi-professional football players. She is a certified PT specializing in strength and conditioning.  Mo-Fit loves and is dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals.
B.S in Kinesiology

What Will SBBB do for you?

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    Make You Work for your hot body

    Our one hour workouts will focus on endurance, strength, and weight loss to get you to your sizzling summer body.

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    Increase Your Daily Stamina

    Your body’s afterburner affect will increase by burning more calories for up to 20-40 hours post workout. Allowing your body to produce more energy and increase it’s metabolism.

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    Be Challenging, fun, and Sweat packed

    You will be receiving the best training from trainers that are going to push you through obstacles and challenges, while making it fun!

march 19th – june 4th
$10 for one hour every Saturday

2 Locations:

Stone Mountain Park

Grant Park


Sign up for the Pro package to be qualiflied for the Summer Body Bounce Back weight loss challenge
for a chance to win:
a $100 Nike gift card and fit bit

Frequently Asked Questions

SBBB Bootcamp charges $10 per session.

Basic includes 3 sessions and a fitness consultation
Standard includes 12 sessions and 2 fitness consultations
Pro includes 12 sessions, 3 fitness evaluations, a nutrition consultation, and entry into the Weight Loss Challenge.
All you will need is a Yoga Mat, water, and a towel.
SBBB is going to challenge your body with HIIT cardio, strength training, and muscular endurance. With this combination you’ll be able to lose that unwanted weight and tone up your trouble areas. You’ll be able to burn 400-1000 calories in the matter of an hour. With a 20-40 hour calorie after-burn!
In order to be a contender in the Weight loss challenge, you must purchase the Pro package. You will fill out a waiver consenting to your voluntary participation and will be appointed a trainer to schedule and complete 4 fitness evaluations. One individual will be championed the Weight Loss Challenge Winner with a $100 Nike gift card and Fit Bit.
Due to high anticipation and popular demand, SBBB bootcamp will be held in 2 different locations in which you can chose from.

Mademoiselle Coco-Chanel will be instructing the bootcamp in Stone Mountain with the assistance of Boxing Trainer- Dennis Meeks.

Mo-Fit’s Monique Batiste will be instructing the bootcamp in grant park.

Locations and guidelines will be sent to recipients email after purchasing.



  • 3 Sessions
  • 1 Fitness Consultation
  • Free parking




  • 12 Sessions
  • 3 Fitness consultations
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Submission into SBBB weight loss challenge
  • Free parking