Calling my Atlanta based
Entrepreneur and Business Women!

Stop letting work and business get in the way of your health and fitness! You deserve to look and feel good while also building your career and empire.

Let me help you get fit and fabulous!


Calling my Atlanta based
Entrepreneur and Business Women!

Stop letting work and business get in the way of your health and fitness! You deserve to look and feel good while also building your career and empire.

Let me help you get fit and fabulous!


Get your body remodeled by
Mademoiselle Coco-Chanel

The Fabulous Plan
You tell me what you want to look like and I’ll devise a 3 month Fab plan to get you there!
Your fab plan will consist of 3 days of training with me for 45 minute sessions. These workouts will vary from indoor & outdoor locations with fat burning HIIT cardio, sexy toning strength training, and flexibility for your ideal biz body.

Bon’ Apetite
Your nutrition plan will be created around your lifestyle, the foods you love, and the goals you have. You’ll be advised on how many meals to consume and the best time of the day to consume them.

Bon’ Apetite Support
A personalized grocery list and shopping date with me will be devised once a month for all your meals. And A food journal will be included for tracking your progression weekly.

Motivation And Accountability!
Your goal is my main objective! my goals is to get you FINE FINE FINE!
You’ll be receiving non-stop motivation, challenges, and accountability from me via 1 on 1, personal phone calls, texts, and emails.


Monthly Fine-ness exams
Fitness assessments will be completed to track your fitness progression at the beginning and end of each month.

And if you thought all the above was fabulous, wait till you scroll down…

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Coco Chanel loves to reward her clients.
Have luxury experiences with the Mademoiselle herself!


 Eat Out with Coco
End of Every Month

At the end of every month, we’ll finish the day with a scenic run to one of my favorite  healthy  eateries for some awesome girl time! Meal’s on me! 😉



Shop with Coco
Month 3

Expand your wardrobe with new looks for your boss woman body! Who said you can’t look good while you workout?
The world is your runway, even if it’s in the gym.
One outfit’s on me!






Spa & Hotel Getaway
Month 6

As busy women, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. After an amazing 6 months of working together, you deserve to treat yourself. At the end of the program, I will book you a 1 night stay at an amazing Atlanta hotel with spa credit included.
 You deserve it girl! 


The woman of action who needs the extra push to stay confident, sexy, and motivated in her body, life, and business.
Everywhere! The gym, home, parks, scenic sites, and etc. One of the best parts of this program is being able to adapt in a variety of locations for all your workouts. You will be provided with a monthly calendar of when and where we will be meeting for our training sessions.
Yes! You will be receiving the best workouts fitted for your fitness level, as well as workouts that will challenge you to the next fab YOU!
You will receive the results you want! Your 6 month training program will be formatted towards your health & fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight and/or tone muscle, your Fab plan will cater to your needs!
These training sessions will last for a duration of 45-60 minutes for 3 days out of the week training with me, and 2 days of training on your own.
Depending on your goal, your fab plan will be calculated by the results of your first monthly fine-ness exam. HIIT Cardio and Cardio endurance workouts will be included in programs to lean out the body and lose the flab. Strength training and Muscular endurance workouts will be included in programs to build muscle and tone in troubled areas of the body.
Nope! All you will need is a towel and water bottle. Everything else will be provided for you during the duration of your 6 month coaching program.

Why train with coco?


  • Connector.

    Everyday Motivation

    Expect to receive calls, texts, and emails from me on the regular to help keep you accountable.

  • Connector.

    Unpredictable Workouts

    I like to keep it fun and sassy! We'll be training in unique scenic locations while performing a variety of different workouts.

  • Connector.

    Fine Girl Time

    Not only will you be getting in the best shape you want to be in, you'll also have girl time, out on the town with me, to discuss how to keep yourself fine and in demand.

  • Connector.

    No Gym Membership required

    You will be working everywhere! Everything will be provided for you.

  • Connector.

    No Doubts

    My 1 on 1 coaching program is guaranteed to work and transform your body, confidence, and business career.

  • Connector.

    No Intimidation

    I believe in taking you to your next level without being a drill sergeant. I'll be your trainer and friend with bene-FITS!

I know you’re probably thinking…

Wow! This sounds amazing!

But how much will this cost me?…

For a investment of only
$600 for 3 months

(about $16 a day)
you’ll get fit and fabulous results!

I’m all about creating a fun, memorable, and result-driven experience with each and every one of my clients.
Just like in business, it’s important for me to make sure we’re a great fit to work together and to also make sure I’m able to help you achieve your goals.
As much as I like having fun, I take this really seriously. This program isn’t for everyone.
It’ll take a determined, committed, and kickass  woman to achieve true results.
If this sounds like you, hit that big pink button below!

Let’s Talk!