Who is Coco Chanel?

I’m the mademoiselle remodeling the fitness business!

I’m energetic, sassy, fun, and love working out! My passion for fitness grew after a period of life wear I feel I had hit rock bottom. I was dangerously stressed for 2 whole years. I worked a minimum wage job whilst commuting to my alma-mataer (which was an hour away! You do the math), and worst of all I was trying to cope with my first ever heartbreak. Note that I wasn’t eating well, and I wasn’t exercising regularly like I should have.

I went through a process of getting to know myself. The first step was to get outside my comfort zone. I tried new things by myself, I hung out with new people, and I started practicing what I was learning in school.

Fitness and Music allowed me to transform myself into some one I love to be. I realized I wanted to share this feeling with others who needed the motivation. I feel incredibly accomplished when my clients have fun while they increase their health and wellness.

My career has blessed me to partake in major health & fitness events, personal training at major gym corporations, Online coaching, choreographed fitness routines, and etc… I am the creator and founder of the Boss Women Fitness Academy, the fitness department editor of For Nurses By Nurses magazine, a certified fitness instructor, & personal trainer!

But on top of all of that, I am an energetic and high class motivator who will kick your doubts aside and make what you want to happen, happen!

How It All Started

Growing up, I wasn’t confident in myself or my body. I was skinny, tiny boobs, no hips, and a small-so tiny it looked flat-butt. (Yeah, straight up and down like Olive Oil from Popeye) I was teased all my teenage life! Can you imagine what that can do to a girl’s self esteem?

My mother and father kept me active in sports and recreation. I did tap and jazz, karate, bootcamp, and cheerleading. All I appreciated for the experience, but none I could latch on to. Then I started running track & field. My eyes were opened to a new world of conditioning and training. I loved the running, I loved the strength training, I loved the competition, and most of all I loved how it made me feel.

I went from being the extremely skinny girl to the great runner with the killer thighs and toned body (I was loving it). My confidence was boosted so high from the new transformation of my body, that it gave me a new mindset, and it gave me the ability to be myself while taking on the world.

After studying the field of my beloved exercise science at KSU, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in making women feel the same exact way I did. My inspiration came from the world renowned, hard working, boss woman herself, Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel, whom I was named after (thanks Mom!). And YES! for the thousandth time my REAL name is Coco-Chanel!

Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel knew the importance of making women feel confident and sexy in their appearance in fashion.

I’m the Mademoiselle that knows the importance of making women feel confident and sexy in the appearance of their bodies.

I’m here for the female entrepreneur and goal-driven women. It’s so easy to get caught up in the every day grind and hustle, that you forget to make time for yourself. I wanted to create something that made working out fun.