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Take it from these ladies…


“…I was doing Crossfit 3 to 4 days per week, but wasn’t really focused how I like to be. I was struggling on some days to give my 100%. This challenge helped keep me accountable and made me challenge myself to do two a days. I left my Crossfit workout and came home and did your workout. I really enjoyed working out/dancing with you. Your workouts were fun and exciting. I felt like it was my duty to complete this challenge for myself and to finally complete a task before the new year. I was able to lose 6 lbs and gained a little more confidence in myself…” – Brittany Ward


“I truly enjoyed your fitness workout program! I was a bit skeptical of joining being it was an online activity, but after getting over my skepticism I was able to learn things about myself that I didn’t realize I could do! After being pregnant I definitely lost control of my mid section and was not able to do a sit-up without using my yoga ball. Being apart of your challenged helped me to focus more on my core and was able to do my first floor sit-up in 3 years!! When you said use your core and push yourself in the sit-ups I did just that and couldn’t believe all this time I could have been doing this, smh. Also, your fitness challenge was convenient because if I could not do a workout first thing in the morning I could revert to the video in the evening. You were very instructive and fun! I’m in love with the Coco!
I now have a different mind set when it comes to targeting different areas of my body by changing my workouts up because you taught me these small skills. Thank you Coco Chanel!!” – Kandice Merrick


“When I met Coco earlier in the year, I weighed 189 pounds. I weighed an astounding 171 pounds—almost 20 pounds lost! I haven’t kept track of inches lost, but my clothes fit differently, definition in my arms, back, and legs are evident, and even my face remains slim. I am thankful to Coco not only for her helping me lose unhealthy weight, but for her inspiration and dedication to ensuring that I became a better, stronger, confident, and fit person. While working with Coco, I developed discipline, and I greatly benefited from her infectious energy and genuine spirit. She is passionate about her craft and treats each client as if they are priority. Coco shared in my physical triumphs and motivated me to keep pushing. Months later, I am VERY proud to say that I am still in the gym, always looking for ways to improve myself, expand my skills, and strengthen my body.” – Brittany Hill  

Alexis Anglin

“I decided I was tired of looking at other people that I felt had a perfect body and wishing and hoping. I wanted to be comfortable in my clothes, try on stuff I wanted to without prejudging if itll fit or not, and I was tired of “sucking in”. I knew if I wanted to see a change, consistency was going to be my biggest hurdle. I had to decide that I was not going to start and stop, then go right back to looking at others. I began working with Coco, started getting results, and never looked back. I am now surrounded with like-minded individuals who want to see me succeed, as well as people telling me how they are doing in the gym; I am now making people want to workout. It has been amazing and its only just beginning, all because made the decision to change my own path. ” – Alexis Angelin


Women that are short on time but still want to look fabulously fit and toned with a variety of quick high energy workouts.
NO, It’s completely free and accessible to anyone & everyone
Of Course! Modifications are offered for all levels during the videos. But be aware, the higher the level of difficultly the better your results will be.
You will see an intense change in your body! Your muscular stamina and cardio endurance will increase impressively. Trouble areas of the body will be a lot more toned and tightened. With these circuit training workouts your body’s afterburner effect will allow for more calorie burnage 15-24 hours post work out. And you’ll feel way more confident in building your body, business, and self.
The duration of the workouts are typically 10-12 minutes. This is enough to make you sweat, get you hot, and get you finer than you already are. These workouts were specifically made for the comfort at your home or at the office.
These work outs consist of a variety of high intensity muscular endurance and high energy cardio. The high intensity muscular endurance workouts are set up in the form of circuit training for toning of muscles in all major regions of the body. The cardio workouts assist with building your endurance and burning unwanted calories for less flab and more fab results!
Get a pair of 5-10lb dumbbells and a yoga mat and you’re ready to go!


I’m the mademoiselle remodeling the fitness business!

I’m energetic, sassy, fun, and love working out! My passion for fitness and health grew after a period of unhealthy eating, mending a broken heart, and reducing stress and unwanted weight.

As an exercise and health science graduate I fell in love with being able to increase the health and wellness to a masses of people from all walks of life. My career has blessed me to partake in major health & wellness fairs & events, personal training at major gym corporations, mentoring young adults and women, and developing nutrition and fitness plans for general fitness & special population groups.

I’m the creator and founder of the Boss Women Fitness Academy, fitness department editor of For Nurses By Nurses magazine for health science professionals, and a certified fitness instructor & personal trainer!

But on top of all of that, I am an energetic and high class motivator who will kick your doubts aside and make what you want, happen!

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